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Tables and Formulas with Excel

Upgrade your excel skills with our Excel Tutorial that helps create formulas in excel, tables and conditional formatting in an efficient manner.

  • |
  •   Lectures: 28
  • |
  •   Videos: 2.5 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 09/2017

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Excel is often underrated when it comes to data analysis. Data is important for any type of decisions you want to make. Without data, you might end up making the wrong decision, which is why having an understand of data is extremely important. So, what the best way to analyze data? Excel.

For a lot of people Excel is a simple table that is often used for data storing, but there is so much more that you can do with this brilliant software. From simple to more complex calculations to even analysis and creating visual charts, Excel has the ability to do it all.

If you want to master Excel and all that it can do for you, then this is the perfect course for you!

From beginners to advanced data analysis, this course has something for everyone! The amazing course breaks down Excel into easy and simple to understand segments, where you will learn exactly how to can use do calculations, work with formulas, filter text, and even create effective reports.

This course is great if you want to boost your Excel skills and even learn how to maximize your productivity by using tables, conditional formatting and formulas in an easy and efficient manner. If you are scared of numbers and tables or if making charts see difficult, then you definitely need this course! The course will help you learn all of this and so much more in simple and easy to understand steps.

What this course includes:


  • How to create and format Tables
  • How to easily filter data in text, numeric and date fields
  • Easily Sum, Average, Count and use Max and Min in your tables
  • Use Slicers to easily filter Table data

Conditional Formatting

  • How to apply conditional formatting rules
  • How to easily highlight the Top 10
  • Learn to use Data Bars and Color Scales
  • Learn to apply icons


  • Learn a range of Date formula such as Year, Month, WeekDay, NetWorkDays amd WorkDay
  • Learn Text formulas such as LEFT, MID, RIGHT and TRIM
  • Learn to use the IF formula to create powerful 'IF Then' logic
  • Learn the HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP]

The course is created using Excel 2013, but Excel 2007 and 2016 will also work with the same formulas.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and find how Excel can change your life!