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Learn By Building Real World Projects

Ruby On Rails For Web Development

Learn web programming and build projects with Ruby on Rails tutorial from scratch

  • |
  •   Lectures: 19
  • |
  •   Videos: 5 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 10/2017

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Web development has gained prominence over the last decade with growing popularity of the internet.
The issue these days is the growing number frameworks and technologies that are currently in the market to help with development. It is no longer just one language, but now a plethora of different languages and frameworks that we can use to develop one website.

Ruby and Rails are one of these technologies, and while they were not that popular a couple of years back, they have been gaining an upper hand in the world full of complicated and time-consuming frameworks. Ruby on Rails are not the same, and should not be confused as one technology. Ruby is actually a programming language, while Rails is a server-side web application framework that is written in Ruby, and combined they make an amazing duo that allows developers to build complex web applications in a simple and easy manner.

Learning Ruby or Rails seems like a difficult task, and a lot of the theory based courses out there end up confusing users more then helping them. This is why we designed this entire course using a dedicated approach to breakdown Ruby and Rails and help users learn using an effective and hands-on approach.

While Ruby on Rails might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. In our course, we take a more practical approach to help you understand and become acquainted with Ruby on Rails. Starting at the very beginning, you will learn everything you need to know about Ruby and Rails. At the end of this course, you will not only have a general idea, but you would actually be able to start programming and building with Ruby on Rails.

This course uses a combined theory and practical approach, where you would learn theory and also be able to use it in a hands-on project. Along with the instructor, you will actually build a complete Pinterest clone, that will show you how to actually add picture, tags and even build a complete interface in Ruby on Rails.

What you will learn in this course:

  • A detailed introduction to Ruby on Rails
  • Exploring The Cloud Development Environment
  • Building your very first web page
  • Understanding version control with Git
  • Setting up BitBucket
  • How to host your app with Heroku
  • How to integrate Bootstrap, Nav Bar, Partials, Jumbotron and Buttons
  • How to modify views
  • Store Images using Amazon S3
  • How to make your site Mobile Ready

Enroll now and build your very own Pinterest!