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Learn By Building Real World Projects

Python Network Programming - Part 3: Scapy & Security Tools

Build Lots of Network Security and Monitoring Tools Using the Amazing Power of Python and Scapy. 20+ Scripts Included!

  • |
  •   Lectures: 114
  • |
  •   Videos: 4.5 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 08/2018

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Are you a network professional who wants to learn security concepts and the intricacies of network attacks or scans and then build various tools with Scapy to put those concepts into practice, in an educational environment?

Are you looking to become a better network engineer and start learning about network security and threats?

Or maybe you're seeking a raise or even a career change?

Are you here after going through my "Python Network Programming - Part 1: Build 7 Python Apps" course, which became a bestcourse on Eduonix (Or) did you went through my “Python Network Programming - Part 2: Multivendor Environment” and decided you want even more?

Join thousands of successful students who have decided to upgrade their networking skills and boost their careers using this Python Network Programming course series!

This course covers many network security concepts and attack/scanning tools:

  • OSI and TCP/IP
  • Scapy and all of its main functions
  • Network sniffer
  • Basic traceroute
  • TCP SYN traceroute
  • UDP traceroute
  • DNS traceroute
  • TCP SYN scanner
  • TCP ACK scanner
  • TCP FIN scanner
  • TCP Xmas scanner
  • TCP Null scanner
  • TCP Port scanner
  • ARP / ICMP / TCP / UDP ping
  • ARP monitor
  • ARP cache poisoning attack
  • SYN flooding attack
  • DHCP starvation attack
  • Rogue DHCP server detector
  • OS fingerprinting
  • NMAP application

This Python Network Programming course is aimed at network professionals having little or no experience in network security and a great desire to use Python and Scapy to build various network security tools for their network. This hands-on Python Network Programming training walks you through lots of scenarios, attacks and useful tools to help you get started with network security.

Well, let me tell you what's this course all about:

  • Learning to use the amazing Scapy module and all its capabilities.
  • Building network attacking and scanning tools and testing them against Windows / Linux / Cisco targets.
  • Building your own (basic) version of NMAP and scanning Windows / Linux hosts.
  • Performing various small network tests and operations using the Scapy interpreter.

34 Disclaimer: Please Read This Carefully!
35 My Network Setup For This Course
36 Sniffing With Scapy: Explaining The Code
37 Sniffing With Scapy: Testing The Code
38 Sniffing With Scapy: Download The Code
39 Basic Traceroute: : Explaining The Code    
40 Basic Traceroute: Testing The Code
41 Basic Traceroute: Download The Code
42 TCP SYN Traceroute: Explaining The Code
43 TCP SYN Traceroute: Testing The Code
44 TCP SYN Traceroute: Download The Code
45 UDP Traceroute: Explaining The Code
46 UDP Traceroute: Testing The Code
47 UDP Traceroute: Download The Code
48 DNS Traceroute: Explaining The Code
49 DNS Traceroute: Testing The Code
50 DNS Traceroute: Download The Code
51 TCP SYN Scan: Explaining The Code
52 TCP SYN Scan: Testing The Code
53 TCP SYN Scan: Download The Code
54 TCP ACK Scan: Explaining The Code
55 TCP ACK Scan: Testing The Code
56 TCP ACK Scan: Download The Code
57 TCP FIN Scan: Explaining The Code
58 TCP FIN Scan: Testing The Code
59 TCP FIN Scan: Download The Code
60 TCP Xmas Scan: Explaining The Code
61 TCP Xmas Scan: Testing The Code
62 TCP Xmas Scan: Download The Code
63 TCP Null Scan: Explaining The Code
64 TCP Null Scan: Testing The Code
65 TCP Null Scan: Download The Code
66 TCP Port Scan: Explaining The Code
67 TCP Port Scan: Testing The Code
68 TCP Port Scan: Download The Code
69 ARP Ping: Explaining And Testing The Code
70 ARP Ping: Download The Code
71 ICMP Ping: Explaining And Testing The Code
72 ICMP Ping: Download The Code
73 TCP Ping: Explaining And Testing The Code
74 TCP Ping: Download The Code
75 UDP Ping: Explaining And Testing The Code
76 UDP Ping: Download The Code
77 Basic ARP Monitor: Explaining The Code
78 Basic ARP Monitor: Testing The Code
79 Basic ARP Monitor: Download The Code
80 ARP Cache Poisoning: Explaining The Code
81 ARP Cache Poisoning: Testing The Code
82 ARP Cache Poisoning: Download The Code
83 SYN Flooding: Explaining The Code
84 SYN Flooding: Testing The Code
85 SYN Flooding: Download The Code
86 DHCP Starvation - Windows Server: Explaining The Code
87 DHCP Starvation - Windows Server: Testing The Code
88 DHCP Starvation - Windows Server: Download The Code
89 DHCP Starvation - Cisco IOS: Server Configuration
90 DHCP Starvation - Cisco IOS: Explaining The Code
91 DHCP Starvation - Cisco IOS: Testing The Code
92 DHCP Starvation - Cisco IOS: Download The Code
93 Rogue DHCP Server Detector: Simple Topology
94 Rogue DHCP Server Detector: Explaining The Code
95 Rogue DHCP Server Detector: Testing The Code
96 Rogue DHCP Server Detector: Download The Code
97 OS Fingerprinting In Linux: The NMAP Security Scanner
98 OS Fingerprinting: Testing NMAP On Live Systems
99 More Information About NMAP