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Learn By Building Real World Projects

Master Android Development by Building Ten Projects

Learn Android, the most popular OS for digital devices by Google. Master Android programming by building projects.d Development by Building Ten Projects

  • |
  •   Lectures: 45
  • |
  •   Videos: 11 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 07/2016

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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26 Lectures
3 hours of videos

Android is the hottest mobile technology today. With Google investing heavily in taking Android to every nook and corner of the globe it is set to enter the next big phase of growth. This versatile technology is also powering wearable devices and cameras . With its exceptional growth rate it provides ample options for developers with Android skills to cash on this opportunity of a lifetime.

We here at Eduonix always work hard to create the most advance and best in its class training material. We have now put together a course which will teach you Android Development by creating 10 different Android Apps and covering most of the important technologies and APIs you will ever need to build any Android App.

The course covers the following Apps

Test Framework Application

Technology: Grade build tool, Roboelectric testing framework , Junit testing framework.

Description: Introduction to Android native application. Introduction to Gradle plugin for Android. How to setup and configure Gradle project. You will learn to incorporate Junit tests within a Android application projects source code.

Eduonix Android News Reader application

Technology: Maven build tool, Spring Framework for Android: Spring RestTemplate, Google rome xml feed parser

Description: Introduction to Maven plugin for Android. How to setup and configure Maven project. Learn to incorporate Spring Framework and how to use the Spring RestTemplate for rest calls.

Eduonix Trivia Game

Technology: Android Soundpool, Media Player, SQLite database

Description: How to access Android services and native libraries. Learn to incorporate SQLite database as a persistence layer. Also learn to write simple Object Relational mapping for Android in native Java and Sql.

Google Directions Application

Technology: Google Maps Android API v2, Google play services, Google Directions api for Android.

Description: How to access the Google Maps and Google Directions Android API v2. How to register the application. How to setup and configure the api credentials for access via a rest call. How to setup and configure the Google play services, how to use the Android Google Maps view. How to display routes.

Selfie Application

Technology: Parse, startActuvityForResult, onActivityResult, Google­Play­Services, Android Support­v4.

Description: How to access the Parse API. How to register the application. How to setup and configure the api credentials for access via a rest call. How to setup and configure the Parse user service, how to use the Parse user service. How to create Android Activities for a callback flow.

Fitness App

Technology: Eclipse ADT plugin, Google­Play­Services, Android Support­v4.

Description: How to set up complex fragment views using the Android Support­v4 library. How to create custom listeners type for fragment navigation callbacks. How to create pagers and adapters for Fragment view schemes.

Drawing Activity

Technology: Android Graphics. Canvas and Drawables types.

Description: Introduction to Android Graphics, how to create bitmaps with Android’s Drawables types and display them in a canvas. How to set up complex graphical rich views in a navigation scheme.

YouTube application

Technology: YouTube api, Memory and File Cache, Google­Play­Services, Android Support­v4.

Description: How to setup and access the YouTube api. How to deal with YouTube streams and objects

News Application

Technology: Action Bar Sherlock Framework

Description: How to setup and access the Sherlock extension of the Android Support­v4 library. How to use the base Sherlock Framework types, SherlockFragment, SherlockFragmentActivity and SherlockFragmentListActivity. How to create pagers, adapters and navigation schemes using the Sherlock Framework types.

Company Profile Application

Technology: Application Template for a portfolio item, Google­Play­Services, Android Support­v4.

Description: This is an application template for the student to extend with any of the technologies or skills acquired in the course. It is suggested that the application be used as a portfolio item for accessing employment or further educational opportunities.

So come and build these apps with us and being the next great Android developer..

Become one of the best with our Android Developer course as you explore in detail the concepts of Android Development with lectures from industry professionals. Our Online Course material teaches you android programming by building projects.