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Learn By Building Real World Projects

Learn To Build Apps Using Swift3 and iOS10

Swift 3 tutorial helps you learn how to code with swift, fundamentals of swift & building apps from scratch in this course

  • |
  •   Lectures: 37
  • |
  •   Videos: 5 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 03/2017

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Apple makes its most popular programming language, Swift, even better!

Since its introduction in 2014, Swift has become a favorite among iOS developers, allowing developers to write simpler codes that did more than C, Objective-C, and C++, combined. This brilliant language combined the mentioned three languages to create a new syntax that offered so much more.

 The latest Swift 3 coding language has been released with so many more changes, which might require a lot of people to unlearn and relearn a few things! The latest language promises to give you shorter codes that is not only interactive, but also fun with expressive syntax that can do more for your apps, than Swift 2.

Swift 3 syntax was designed to be shorter and easier to learn, focusing on keeping text that matter, while eliminating needless words from the coding paradigms. The guidelines have also eliminated UpperCamelCase, now opting for lowerCamelCase for enums and properties. All of these changes have been made to simplify the language and reduce the time it takes to code.

Don't want to look for many different courses and resources to learn this update? Want to get started by learning how to actually start building apps? If your answer is yes to both of these, then you are at the right place!

Collaborating with Swift experts, we have designed this course to help people become fluent in Swift 3 programming language. In this course, you will learn about Swift 3 in a systematic manner, from the changes from Swift 2, you will also go over the fundamentals of Swift 3. But that’s not all, you will also get to actually use Swift 3 in practical application by building a complete working application.

Using Playground, the course will go over the language fundamentals in detail, covering the syntax and basic functionality in Swift. You will also learn how to code from the absolute start including how to create variables, constants, arrays, loops, conditionals, classes, and functions.

Once, you’ve established a solid base of fundamentals and how to start coding with Swift 3, the course will then solidify the fundamentals by using it to build an app from scratch, including designing the UI and integrating different APIs and UI control within the app. The app will be an inventory management app, which will allow users to add and remove items, check between new and old inventory and even check inventory of items to see if its available.

This is truly the only course you need to help you learn Swift 3 in theory as well as practical application.
Let’s take a look at what will be covered in this course:

  • Language fundamentals – basic syntax and functionality of Swift
  • Understanding playground and how to start coding in Playground
  • How to create variables, constants, arrays, loops, conditionals, classes, and functions
  • Creating an inventory management application from the ground up
  • Designing the UI, creating the layout of the app, as well as understanding scene building, navigation to scenes and working with auto layout.
  • Learning how to work with display and interactive notifications
  • Learning how to integrate iMessage and SiriKit
  • Learning how to work with Core Data and integrating it with the app

Master this brilliant next-gen language and start building amazing iOS apps with this course. So, let’s swiftly start learning Swift 3!