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Learn By Building Real World Projects

Learn Best Five Mobile App Frameworks By Building Projects

Become a master app developer for android and iOS. Learn 5 different mobile frameworks in this epic frameworks tutorial.

  • |
  •   Lectures: 169
  • |
  •   Videos: 18.5 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 04/2017

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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The Mobile Development sector is growing at a rapid rate, and showing no signs of slowing down. Mobiles have become the next best technology and demand for mobile developers are at an all time high. This is the right time to step into the lucrative world of app development.

What if we can offer you a course that can help you become a professional app developer without learning complicated programming languages? A simple course that breaks down 5 amazing frameworks to help you build dynamic and complex apps?

This is the PERFECT course for you, if you want to learn how to start developing apps in an easy and simple manner. Our course has been designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, and includes a step by step process to start learning app development using nothing but JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

The course breaks down five amazing frameworks in a systematic manner, helping you learn not only the features of the framework, but also how they can be used to actually build different apps. This massive course comes with 25 functional projects that you will make along with your instructor to learn exactly how to build apps.

Five frameworks that we will cover include:

  • PhoneGap or Cordova – a software development framework by Adobe that’s used to build mobile applications. It doesn’t require high level programming knowledge, allowing developers build apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then wrap them in a native container.
  • Ionic & Ionic 2 – a UI framework that can be used along with Cordova and gives developers an Angular layer, a JavaScript client-side framework, to build applications and also provides some really nice UI elements.
  • JQuery Mobile – is just that jQuery for Mobile devices. It allows developers to build compact UIs, apps and mobile websites.
  • React Native – an awesome new technology which allows developers to build not hybrid apps but true native mobile applications and it compiles and builds out real native components from JavaScript. It also uses the popular React Native library.
  • Meteor – a JavaScript framework for the front-end and the back-end and it uses a templating system and works with MongoDB on the client and server side.

This course is the One-Stop-Shop course for anyone who is looking to master mobile development.

Let's look at what you will learn in this course:

  • How to build cross-platform iOS and Android apps using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No Swift or Java or any other complicated programming.
  •  How to build hybrid and web applications and websites that can work in the browser as well as a native container.
  • Building 25 different projects using 5 popular frameworks.
  • Information and statistics about the mobile app industry
  • Building apps for multiple development environments, including Windows 10 and Mac OSX.

What are you waiting for? Enroll Now and start learning app development the right way!