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Learn By Building Real World Projects

Kids Coding Introduction to HTML CSS and JavaScript

Eduonix's beginner course on online coding for kids can help them learn how to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a simple & easy way

  • |
  •   Lectures: 170
  • |
  •   Videos: 22 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 08/2017

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Kids are often more perceptive and open to learning than adults, which is why teaching them useful skills such as programming is great. Learning coding at a young age can often be beneficial as you can not only open up their thinking to new possibilities but also for more avenues in the future.

Programming is a valuable skill, which can help kids become more creative and analytical as they grow up, as well gives them a great chance on becoming the next great developer or even change the world for the better!

However, there are very few courses that cater to children below 18. It is automatically assumed that coding and programming are often for the adults rather than kids, which is why we have designed this course specifically for kids and young adults!

If you want a simple and easy to learn course that can help kids advance themselves, then this is the course for you!

This course has been created by experts to help break down the basic syntax rules and concepts into simple and easy to understand videos. Using short and clear videos, the kids will be able to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript at a convenient pace.

This course uses an interactive and fun approach that will not only keep the kids interested, but it will also help them learn the important concepts of basic programming languages. With small games, coding exercises and short quizzes, the kids will be able to pick up these three important programming languages in no time.

While designed originally with kids in mind, this course can also serve as a great beginners course for someone who has zero knowledge in programming and would like to start fresh! So, if you have no experience with coding and wish to learn, come on board!

What you will find in this course:

  • Introduction to languages and how does programming play a part, including different programming languages
  • Important programming constructs such as variables, types of variables, characters, inputs, maths, coordinates, etc.
  • How computers can do math and important concepts such as if statements, conditions, etc.
  • Working with HTML editors, different tags, formatting text, etc.
  • Working with CSS, including what is CSS and why is it necessary
  • Working with colors, images, text, formatting, fonts, styles, lists, padding, and so much more

Enroll now and give you kids a chance at a bright future!

1 Kids coding – Introductions to programming language    
37 Finding the real time HTML editor
38 Talking about the editor and
39 Adding an html and body tag
40 Adding the paragraph tag
41 Adding headers and talking about different headers    
42 Talking about text formatting in the editor and in the output
43 Adding breaks to the code
44 Adding in text formatting. Emphisize
45 Adding in strong text
46 Adding in other text formatting
47 Variables    
48 Styling link text
49 Adding an image
50 Editing the height and the width of an image
51 Adding the alt property to an image tag
52 Adding a clickable link to an image    
54 Tables
55 Tables adding columns
56 Adding rows to tables
57 How to comment effectively
58 Talking about code complexity
59 Adding a table header plus editing the text with takes
60 Un ordered lists
61 Ordered List
62 Lists within lists
63 Definition lists
64 Adding unordered lists to definition lists
65 Playing around with HTML
66 Title Tags
67 Div tags
68 Talking about block level and inline level an span tags
70 Test #1 Solution
71 Test #2
73 Test #3
74 Test #3 solution
75 Test #4
76 Test 4 Solution
77 Test #5
78 Test #5 Solution
79 Test # 6
80 Test 6 solution
81 Test # 7
82 Test 7 solution
83 Test #8
84 Test 8 solution
85 Test #9
86 Test 9 solution
87 Forms
88 The password input type
89 The color input type
90 Date input type
91 Adding in a file input type
92 Range input type
93 Adding in a search field
94 Adding in a submit button
95 Adding in radio button input types
96 Adding in a checkbox input type
97 Introduction to styles
98 Paragraph styles
99 Adding in the background color and multiple attributes
100 Aligning text
101 Adding in a margin of both left and right
102 Adding styles to a table
103 Aligning a table to the center
104 Adding in a margin to the table
105 Changing the width of the style points
106 Changing the font in the style
107 Cleaning up the project and changing the colors with numbers
108 Adding in columns with table and building a website
109 Adding in the previous style attributes
110 Changing the cell color
111 Changing the cell width
112 Changing the colors back to the original color
113 Align the text vertically to the top
114 Talking about the sizes and being aware of bigger size
115 Adding in a table header to the columns
116 Adding the content
117 Time to make your own website
118 Saving your HTML website
119 Test 1
120 Test 1 solution
121 Test 2
122 Test 2 solution