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Design a Youtube search engine using jQuery

Learn JavaScript & JQuery and master YouTube API integration by making a Youtube search engine in this project tutorial.

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  •   Lectures: 6
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  •   Videos: 1 hours
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  •   Level: All
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  •   Language: English
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  •   Last Updated: 05/2016

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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28 Lectures
2.5 hours of videos

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic programming language that is one of the most employed languages for websites. It is supported by numerous browsers without requiring plugins. JavaScript is a prototype-based, dynamic scripting and multi-paradigm language that supports functional programming styles.

On the other hand, jQuery is actually an open-source JavaScript library that extends the functionality of the programming language. Currently it is the most popular JavaScript library and allows developers to include animations, media and other such functions to their web pages.

Learn how to incorporate a YouTube search engine on your website using jQuery’s YouTube Data API Version 3 plugin. Learn features such as channelList and searchList methods, FancyBox plugin and previous and next paging by creating a YouTube search engine from scratch.