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AWS MasterClass: DevOps w/ AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

In this amazon web services tutorial you will learn how to install, configure, and manage aws command line interface effectively.

  • |
  •   Lectures: 66
  • |
  •   Videos: 5.5 hours
  • |
  •   Level: All
  • |
  •   Language: English
  • |
  •   Last Updated: 09/2017

  • Instructor : Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Amazon is no longer just a house-hold name, it has evolved to become one of the most tech forward companies today. Amazon’s AWS has become a standard in infrastructures & cloud computing, with a lot of companies big and small looking at AWS to support their servers.

Anyone who has worked with AWS knows that the best part about it is that it makes it easy to get your infrastructure components deployed in the AWS cloud. It comes with a useful web based management console that allows you to deploy and manage all your cloud resources in one place. It also works amazingly if you need to make occasional changes to your cloud infrastructure.

However, if you are in a position that requires having to manage multiple resources or infrastructures, then working with the AWS console isn’t the best way to manage your resources. For this AWS provides a powerful command line interface, known as AWS CLI that can keep all your resources in check.

If you already know your way around AWS, but want to learn how to enhance your skills to create and deploy your technologies more efficiently? Or, if you have zero knowledge and experience with the Console or the CLI, then we’ve got the course for you!

This course includes a complete guide on Amazon AWS, including topics such as learning about the AWS basics, how you can manage your AWS resources efficiently, automating the deployment and configuration of your EC2 instances, your IAM users, your elastic load balancers and numerous other AWS components services that your applications rely on, and so much more.

From start-ups to big corporations, companies around the world are willing to pay big money for cloud engineers and consultants who can help them manage their cloud infrastructure. Cloud architects are one of the most demanding in today’s world, so this course is a great way for you to also boost your skills and your career!

This course has been designed to give you the best of both worlds. In addition to thorough theory lessons, it also comes equipped with practical knowledge about AWS, the console and the CLI, as well as how you can use to manage your cloud resources efficiently.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Introduction to the course and a brief intro about the AWS CLI
  • A detailed introduction into AWS and the AWS CLI
  • How to set up your AWS CLI including multiple options such a filter, query, dry-run, etc.
  • Different commands for AWS EC2
  • Different commands for AWS S3
  • Different commands for AWS IAM
  • Different commands for AWS ELB
  • Different commands for AWS SNS & AWS SQS
  • Different commands for AWS ECS
  • Different commands for AWS SES
  • Shell Scripting

While this course is aimed at beginners, you do need a few things before you can get started with this course. You are expected to have prior knowledge of virtualization, networking, IT infrastructure set up, Linux operating system and commands, cloud computing and also new and continuous improvement. You are also required to have access to either a free or a paid account of Amazon AWS.

At the end of this course, you will become an expert in managing your cloud resources efficiently with this amazing course!

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and become a cloud expert with this course!